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Thank you for visiting our website.We hope you will make BonaireIslamicCenter.com a part of your daily surfing and witness the progress of our Mosque Renovation.This site is designed for you, treat as your own.November 2010 we have started BonaireIslamicCenter.com.The developers of the website adhere to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.The most important mission behind the site BonaireIslamicCenter.com is to provide sufficient resources to increase the faith of every human being towards Allah, our Creator.After all, this is our duty as a Muslim on this Earth. We do not belong to any particular sect within the Islamic Religion,we simply call ourselves Muslims.

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We ask Allah swt that He accepts our and your good deeds and gives us peace in the hereafter

As mentioned before, this site is also created to monitor the progress of the Masjdjied, The Bonaire Islamic Center Renovation. The Bonaire Islamic Center Masjdjied was built in 1994.The BIC Masdjied has a committee of 5 persons and 100 members on Bonaire, better known as Caribisch Nederland.The Mosque will be open every day, with a special service on Friday Afternoon.We want to encourage all to participate with us in our activities,from government members to the local community.With this project we want to keep ourselves involved and make sure we are not seen as an isolated group.
The Mosque covers 400 square meters in total size. 135 meters is reserved for Praying Areas.The remaining space is reserved for the imam house, library room, a small kitchen, restrooms and Woozoe areas.There also will be a large porch meant for activities, like Eid and Ramadan Iftar. The Imams housing has not been completed yet, due to lack of donations.Since the current local Islamic community only exists of one hundred members (women and children included).


We are in great need of donations from our Brothers ans Sisters abroad.

Donations can be made out to the Bank Account of the Bonaire Islamic
Center Direct Bank Transfer:
Bank account: 10771908
MCB Bank Bonaire,Bonaire Islamic Center

Visit Address:
Bonaire Islamic Center
Kaya Hanchi Amboina
Bonaire, Kralendijk - Dutch Caribbean

Donations can also be done through this website. Please use the PayPal- option to make your donation.


For More Information: At Bonaire

Please contact : Imaam Dawood

E-Mail: dsaeed26@yahoo.com

Phone: 00599 78 22 966

( Bonaire - Dutch Caribbean )


 The new board is elected and consists of; 

- Sameh Abdel Kawy, President 

- Said Moubasher, Vice President 

- Omar Zohbi, Secretary 

- Mohamedsahid Ozir, Treasurer